WINAM Các câu hỏi thường gặp


  1. Established year? 2013

  2. What are your Services and products?

    Fountain, Water Park
    Playground Equipment
    Outdoor Equipment
    EPDM Flooring (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)

  3. Is your product has a good quality?

    YES. Our products have a very good quality and originality.
    We offer 2 classes of products;
    Middle class: Made in Malaysia and China (Brand name is WINAM) 2 years warranty
    High/Deluxe class: Made in USA, UK, Sweden, Germany, Canada (Brand name is CERIA) 25 years warranty

  4. How many projects do you build each year?

    More than 150 projects

  5. What are your recent projects?

    Vinhomes Central Park
    Vivo City
    Oakwood Apartments
    (Kindly check our website: for our finished projects)

  6. What are the payment methods do you accept?

    30% advance
    40% goods arrive at the site
    30% acceptance and handover
    (We have Confirmation letter 5% guarantee from the bank)

  7. What mode of currency do you accept?

    In Vietnam (VND)
    Outside Vietnam (USD)

  8. How long is the Installation period? Days? Months?

    Depends on big or small projects (From 1 month - 6 months)

  9. Do you also repair and do the maintenance? YES

  10. What is the number to contact for the maintenance and repair?

    Contact No: +84 28 66 89 8888
    Email address:

  11. Do you charge for repair and maintenance?

    No if within the warranty period

  12. Can we choose our own design?

    Yes, we can do your own choice of design.

  13. Can we choose our own material?NO

  14. Do you give discounts for repeat customers? YES

  15. What if I’m not satisfied with your project, can I do the refund?

    Yes, you can make a refund provided you cancel the project before Installation.

  16. Can we franchise on your company? If Yes, how much?

    Yes. 10,000 USD per year

  17. Do you accept projects out of Vietnam?

    Yes. We carry out projects around the globe