Pool Climbing Walls

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Pool Climbing Walls

Kersplash Pool Climbing Walls add adventure to pool decks in both indoor and outdoor applications. Available in 2, 3, and 4 panel heights. The Kersplash Pool Climbing Wall is made of a 100% stainless steel frame and UV and chlorine resistant panels. The see-through panels eliminate any visual barrier on the deck and hold an attractive visual appeal while the colored panels make a bold visual statement and add fun to any aquatic setting. For more information contact us directly.
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• Designed to last in harsh indoor and outdoor aquatic settings
• All Spectrum stainless steel is passivated and coated with Spectra-Shield
• Frame is made from 100% USA made stainless steel
• Each section comes as sturdy single frame with solid one piece construction
• Easy to install
Part Number Clear – 70535
Part Number Clear – 70536
Part Number Clear – 70537
Part Number Color – 42637
Part Number Color – 42638
Part Number Color – 42639
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