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Great fitness performance in a durable rubber flooring roll
Performance fitness flooring from Surface America is dual-layered, recycled rubber roll flooring that features a highly durable top “planting” surface laminated to a resilient “energy” layer. It offers great bounce-back and sound-deadening attributes, and a shock-absorbing surface that reduces fatigue and injuries.
The dual-layer rubber roll flooring has a 2.5 mm wear layer and is available in three underlayment thicknesses: 5 mm, 8 mm and 12 mm … giving you plenty of shock absorption. But for those people who want “Monster” absorption, you can add a 12 mm rubber roll under the Performance 2.5 mm top & 8 mm underlayment for a 22.5 mm flooring system. Rubber rolls are typically fully adhered over a concrete or wood subfloor. Its exacting manufacturing process provides a uniform surface with no low spots and seam gaps. From court surfaces and indoor tracks to multi-purpose rooms and aerobic centers, Performance delivers great, reliable performance.
Product Detail
Performance Interlocking Tile's rubber underlayment bonded to rubber top wear layer.
High-quality, post-consumer recycled rubber: a 5 mm, 8 mm or 12 mm underlayment fusion-bonded to a 2.5 mm wear-resistant and water-resistant reprocessed EPDM surface layer.
Product Data
Dual-layer (surface laminated to a base mat) roll
2.5 mm EPDM wear layer over 5 mm, 8 mm or 12 mm resilient rubber underlayment
For a Monster system, add a 12 mm rubber roll under the Performance 2.5 mm top & 8 mm underlayment
Available in 48-in wide by custom length rolls
Excellent coefficient of friction
Provides excellent force reduction
Fade-resistant, wears well
Easy to clean: E-Cleaner, vacuum or broom and damp mop
Sound and shock absorbent
Slip resistant, wet or dry
DIN tested for ball bounce

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