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Growler Side Step Starting Platform, Single Post

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Growler Side Step Starting Platform, Single Post

Growler starting platforms are among Spectrum’s most popular starting blocks and are ideal for bulkheads and parapets.
Contact us for a consultation on how we can customize your starting platform for your pool and your team.
SKU: 21653 Categories: Single Post, Starting Blocks & Competitive Swim Tags: blocks, growler, side step, starting platform
• Large 32″ x 25″ single piece LDPE platform with molded-in, non-slip surface- no exposed bolts or hardware
• 10″ x 8″ access step with molded-in, non-slip surface available in side or rear
• Side step accommodates anchor setbacks of 18″ to 40″
• Rear step accommodates anchor setbacks of 30″ to 40″
• Available in red, blue, green, yellow, white
• Easy-to-read, large numbers
• Complies to FINA, USA and NCAA Swimming, and NFHS regulations
Part Number 21653

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