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Quick Connect Deck Plate

The Colorado Deck Clock is an excellent deck side display solution, cleverly designed to prevent tipping.  The deck clock features a ruggedized polyethylene enclosure that is both water and sun resistant and completely corrosion free.  The built in handle allows for easy carrying from point to point.
Multi-functional:  The Deck Clock can be used as a game/shot clock for water polo, or set to pace in time of day.
Bright LEDs:  Variable intensity settings allow comfortable visibility in a variety of environments and times of day or night.  Time of day or game time is displayed at the top, with 5″ digits displaying hours and minutes.  The large 10″ digits show seconds for pacing or shot time.
Wireless:  Wirelessly receives game/shot data from CTS 2.4GHz tabletop or handheld wireless controllers.  Can also receive wired data from the System 6 Timing Console.
Pacing:  Pace in time of day (hours, minutes and seconds) without any controller.  Multiple clocks will automatically synchronize in pace mode.
Integrated Horn:  The clock has an integrated weatherproof horn that produces both game and shot tones.  This eliminates the need for separate game horn units.
WTTC-1:  2.4GHz Wireless Tabletop Controller
WHC-1:  2.4GHz Wireless Handheld Controller
Part Numbers:  DC-1500:  multi-color LED digits (as shown), DC-1501:  red LED digits, DC-1502:  amber LED digits
Dimensions (H x W x D):  32" x 18.5" x 12" (81.3 cm x 47 cm x 30.5 cm)
Weight:  30 lbs (13.6 kg)
Power:  Battery or 120/240VAC, autosensing -- low battery and charging indicator  **charging information**