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Custom FIAC

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Custom FIAC

Fountain in a Can™ is available in custom configurations for a wide range of applications. In addition to a full range of water effects, both LED and Quartz (MR16) lighting sources may be incorporated into the Fountain in a Can™ custom housing. Housings are also able to accomodate multiple water effects as well as our fast acting XLR8™ valve. Other options include architecturally finished cast bronze top covers and integral drains. For more information or design assistance, contact our Design Department


LED Lighting- Custom Fountain in a Can™ units are available with the unique LUMEN-360™ LED color changing fixture in stainless steel top cover designs. This fixture is supplied with an interface card that supports custom programming with the DMX protocol.

Quartz (MR16) Lighting- Both stainless steel and bronze tops can accomodate our compact MR-16 fixture. The light fixture has a clear tempered lens and is available with dichroic lenses where colored light, either fixed or sequenced, is desired.

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