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B Vault

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B Vault


The cost-effective B Vault offers the equipment selection and performance of much larger vaults. Access is through the top hatch for maintenance, adjustment, or repair.


Standard Features:

• Heavy-duty FRP enclosure.

• Structurally engineered and certified for in-ground installation.

• Thermally protected pumps.

• Forced air ventilation system. 

• Automatic sump pump.

• Lockable lid with lock-open arm, stainless steel lock hasp, and stainless steel hinge.

• Stainless steel anchors and tie-down cables.

• Wall mounted maintenance procedures for all equipment.

Optional Features:

• Stainless steel floor door.

• Main pump strainers. 

• Choice of 16” or 19” sand filter with multi-port valve or 50 to 120 square foot cartridge filter with spare filter element.

• ‘Pop-up’ UL Listed control panel for full system control.

• Pressure and vacuum gauges.

• ¾” water fill station with solenoid valve, water hammer arrestor, and hose bib with hose.

• 1”- 1½” water fill station with solenoid valve, pressure reducing valve, water hammer arrestor, and hose bib with hose.

• Silver ion water treatment system. 

• Ozonation systems. 

• Low pressure shut-off. 


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