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80’’ x 120’’ Low Profile Dock

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80’’ x 120’’ Low Profile Dock
Introducing the New Low Profile Dock engineered for multiple applications: rowing, swimming, boating, fishing. With low profile dock it's never been easier getting in and out of the water.
The new low profile dock from EZ Dock adds a fun element to any waterfront creating a perfect place for swimming, fishing, boating and rowing. With a low freeboard height, everyone will enjoy the ease of getting in and out of the water.
With new low profile dock, rowing enthusiasts everywhere will appreciate the industry-leading low freeboard height and incredible stability. Our low profile dock provides a safe platform for entering and exiting the shells as its patented design gives you the stability of a fixed dock and the modularity you expect from EZ Dock.
The EZ Dock low profile dock is ideal for local and international competitive rowing events, as it exceeds FISA (International Rowing Federation) and US Rowing standards. Our low profile modular dock system is designed to be easily reconfigured and moved if needed for future events.
With virtually no maintenance in comparison to a conventional wooden dock, it’s time to enjoy your waterfront and everything it has to offer!
Low Profile Dock Features:
• Incredible stability
• Engineered for multiple applications: rowing, swimming, boating, fishing
• Modular design for easy installation
• Highest quality material for long life and low maintenance
• Able to attach to standard EZ Dock system or traditional docks
• Meets FISA and US Rowing standards
• High live load capacity allows for multiple launches on both sides
78" x 117" x 8"
1900 lbs. (861.8 kg)
260 lbs. (118 kg)

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